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The eligibility criteria for a Parent (subclass 103) visa is as follows:

  1. Be a parent of a child who is settled in Australia as an Australian citizen or permanent resident.
  2. Have an eligible sponsor.
  3. Have a person committed to provide an Assurance of Support (see note 1 below) for 2 years.
  4. Meet the balance of family test (see note 2 below).
  5. Meet the health and character requirements before the grant of the visa.

Note 1:

An Assurance of Support is a legal commitment by a person (not necessarily the sponsor) to repay to the Australian Government certain welfare payments paid to migrants during their respective Assurance of Support period.  The Assurance of Support scheme enables welfare costs for these migrants to be met by an Australian permanent resident or citizen, rather than the Australian community.

Note 2:
The balance of family test requires that:
• half your children must be permanently resident in Australia, or
• you have more children permanently resident in Australia than any other single country.

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