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Visa Renewal - RRV
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The PR visa is valid for 5 years, allows you to enter Australia during its validity and remain indefinitely thereafter.

Once the PR visa expires, you will not be able to enter Australia as a PR (and stay indefinitely).  Thus, it is to your best interest to renew the PR visa if it expires.
To renew the PR visa, you must have a cumulative stay in Australia of 2 years in the last 5 years. If you meet that criteria, you will be able to renew your visa for another 5 years. However, if you have entered Australia prior to its expiry, you may stay till you have met the 2 year requirement to renew.

If you have not fulfilled the 2-year stay criteria, it is still possible to renew if a case can be presented that you have substantial business, cultural, employment or financial ties that benefit Australia, to apply for renewal. 

Due to its technical nature, you should consult a registered migration agent to assist in presenting a case of substantial business, cultural, employment or financial ties that benefit Australia.  Enquire here NOW! 


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